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Citoyen Grotesque d'Arabesque Lestrange [userpic]

I have a LJ! ..be proud of me

10th June 2006 (15:16)
current mood: Antisocial
current music: None... It's so quiet today


Posted by: linaxcq (linaxcq)
Posted at: 13th February 2008 18:39 (UTC)

Since this is a friendsonly post I will be nice and send a message for you to add me.
Now why would I want to be added you ask?!
Well I base this on one thing and one thing only. Your Icon!
Someone who has such a cool icon just has to be someone I would like talking to. Mainly because if I am not completely misstaken that is Dita von Teese in the picture (who I absolutely adore) but it is a great pic just in itself. So i thought If you do add me I can see if I was correct and we really do have stuff incommon or you can just un add me again.
If nothing else feel free to look around my site to see what you think and if you hate it don't add me :-)

Posted by: Chewing on pearls (sacrebleux)
Posted at: 29th July 2009 09:41 (UTC)

This outreaching friending is not because I think we'll be bffs forever.

It's because I want narcissism embedded in my Friends page.

Posted by: nichinosopa (nichinosopa)
Posted at: 27th October 2009 04:41 (UTC)

Posted by: lupasumo (lupasumo)
Posted at: 15th April 2011 19:27 (UTC)

This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.

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